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Water sports in Dubai - Enjoy the coastline of Dubai
Water sports in Dubai - Enjoy the coastline of Dubai
What is one experience no traveller can afford to miss in Dubai? 
Well, apart from a view of the city and the gulf from the top of Burj Khalifa, that is. 
It's the extensive array of adrenaline-pumping water sports activities that take place in multiple locations almost all round the year. Dubai's beaches and water sporting activities are popular all across the world. With over 25 varieties of activities for adults, as well as for kids near the Marina, Jumeirah Beach and Mamzar beach, you will have a tough time picking out only a couple that you can fit into your schedule.
So, why waste time trying to find different activities at different locations where you might have to waste time travelling between the destinations? Check out to peruse and book the best water sports deals all across the best beaches of Dubai. 
Booking in advance means you will not have to wait for an opening or face disappointment when you finally arrive at a crowded water sporting agency. Here are some of the experiences you can book ahead of your arrival in Dubai via –
The best water sporting adventures for adults! 
i. Paddle boating
If you have a love for the water, but you don't want to participate in high-intensity activities, stand up paddle boating is the perfect experience for you. You will get a life jacket and access to shower rooms. It is ideal for adults who want a relaxing experience on the crystalline blue waters of the Palm Royal Hideaway.
ii. Kayaking
Choose between single or double kayaking at affordable prices at Experience the peaceful waters and get a sun-kissed look while enjoying the company of your partner far away from the hubbub of the city at the Palm Royal Hideaway.
iii. Jet skiing 
Love speed and the rush of adrenaline? Then a 30-minute or 60-minute Jet Ski package is what you and your partner need. It is strictly for those who love water and excitement since there is not one boring moment form the time you hop on that Jet Ski.
iv. Flyboarding
Hop on a flyboard for the experience of a lifetime. Book your tickets in advance via for lucrative offers and the best deals. You will receive instructions and life jackets on the spot. Enjoy as the endorphins course through your veins as you soar as high as 45-feet on the only flyboard available in Jumeirah. 
v. Parasailing
Ever wondered how the beach and the nearby cityscape looks as you soar freely across the sky? Well, this is your chance. Get your turn at 15-minutes of parasailing on the public beach on JBR beach. Get detailed instructions and safety gear when you arrive. Book parasailing for one, two or three at amazing prices via right now!
vi. Wakeboarding
Are you someone who has an insatiable love for water sports? Jet skiing and flyboarding are simply not enough! Then you much try Wakeboarding at the JBR beach, Dubai. Check out packages on LivingKool that allow you to include water skiing, parasailing and jet skiing from the same spot on the same day. 
vii. Diving in Jumeirah
Surfing on the surface, not enough? Do you want to know how the world under the surface of the water looks and feels? Try scuba diving at the Jumeirah beach. You will get detailed instructions on how to use the kit and how to remain safe. Learn the basics of scuba diving, take underwater photos and simply relax as you see the colourful schools of fish swim by.
The best choices for families and groups with kids! 
viii. Banana boat rides and donut rides
Travelling with kids? Then zooming off on a jet ski leaving your children on the beach might not be fair! Opt for a banana boat ride that you can enjoy together as a family. Or, a donut ride that you can take with your kid. These safe and low-intensity activities are ideal for quality family bonding. Enjoy the cool blue waters as you set sail from the Jumeirah beach. 
ix. Aquaventure and lost chambers at Atlantis
Get your ticket to the lost city of gold and a ton of water adventures at Aquaventure through It is the perfect day plan if you have kids in your group. Get unlimited access to rides and slides, and the private beach. Visit the aquarium and watch the shark feedings with your kids for tons of excitement and fun!
x. Wild Wadi
Wild Wadi is the first-ever water theme park in the Middle East. Enjoy time with your family on more than 30 tides. The theme park is huge and has something for everyone's liking! Relax on the lazy river, or plummet down 105 feet on the Jumeirah Sceirah; visit the Wild Wadi for a wild and exciting day with your friends and family.
xi. The Laguna Water Park
Book your tickets while there’s still time for the Laguna Water Park, Dubai. The new and exciting Laguna Water Park in Dubai has four zones – relax, surf, slide and splash! La Mer has activities for the entire family including a beach club and a merchandise store. Book your ticket to excitement and family fun today, and get the best possible deals at 
Dubai offers a rich water sporting experience for all travellers. If you are someone who loves beaches, cool blue water and water sports, then Dubai is your dream destination. Book your water sporting experiences via to make sure you don't miss out on the limited availability of flyboards, jet skis and wakeboards.