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Explore the tradition and culture of the UAE - Top Things to do in Dubai
Explore the tradition and culture of the UAE - Top Things to do in Dubai
The UAE is popular for the tallest manmade structure in the world, its gorgeous beaches and water sports. Still, people rarely talk about the exclusive cultural experiences that Dubai and Abu Dhabi have to offer to the tourists and travellers. 
A cultural journey of the UAE includes its traditional cuisines, Dhow rides, traditional dances, ancient architecture and modern museums. It is close to impossible to experience every bit of tradition and heritage that Dubai and Abu Dhabi has preserved over the ages if you don't have the right trip partner.
With, you can book city tours of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which will take you to all the sites of cultural and historic significance in the city. You will not have to worry about arranging for private transport or taking public transport. Many of the city tours, now available on LivingKool, offer pickup and drop-off services for the patrons.
Here are some of the culturally significant sites in Dubai you cannot miss during your city tour –
The Dubai museum – the Al Fahidi Fort is now the Dubai Museum that hosts artwork from local artists. It is a gala representation of art in the pre-oil era. Enjoy the exhibits of marine life and the desert flora-fauna with your family. 
The Dubai creek – marvel at man’s ability to create. Sail across the creek or watch the Dhows slowly sail by as you stand at the banks. 
Jumeirah mosque – the Jumeirah mosque is open to all. Take a cultural tour in the mornings through the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. 
Dubai Frame – it is an architectural landmark in Dubai that every traveller must see with their own eyes. 
Zabeel Palace – after the Dubai Frame, a visit to the Zabeel Palace is a must just to compare and contrast the beauty of the evolution of architecture in Dubai. 
Burj Khalifa – no tour of the city is complete without what makes Dubai a prominent travel destination on the world map. Make sure your tour package covers the tickets to the top floor of the Burj Khalifa where you can stand, relax, enjoy the vistas and click a few pictures before heading back.
Saruq Al Hadid Museum – after looking at the splendour of modern architecture, you might want to explore the mysteries of the Iron Age at the interactive museum. Check out the thousands of stoneware, iron tools, precious and semi-precious jewellery from another era that gives a new insight into the history of UAE. 
The Arabian Tea House – while roaming around the old Souk, peep inside the Arabian Tea House for a cup of tea. The sheer variety of the traditional drink will make your head spin. Try a house blend of herbs and fruit, or a mint lemonade from among the 150+ varieties on the menu. 
Bastakia Quarter – stay a few more minutes in the old charm of the city. Explore the Bastakia Quarter that exhibits traditional architecture complete with the old ways of life. It is a file epilogue to a cultural tour of Dubai with its old homes, with decorated cooling wind towers and expansive courtyards. 
The other spots your tour guide can take you or you can visit on your own should include the old souks (marketplace), which have preserved their regal Middle Eastern essence till date!