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Visit Sharjah and things to do in Sharjah
Visit Sharjah and things to do in Sharjah
Sharjah is the second largest City in the United Arab Emirates after Abu Dhabi. Sharjah is only 28 kilometres from Dubai, and it deserves a visit, especially, if you are looking for a culturally rich trip. Sharjah is home to mosques, museums, ancient monuments, light festivals, delectable food and more. 
Here's what you can do in Sharjah to complete your cultural escapade in the UAE –
The light festival – Sharjah Light Festival lights up 17 of the iconic sites of the city. However, you need to visit in February to enjoy the audio-visual treat. 
The heart of Sharjah – discover the heart of Sharjah, where the development of the city first began. It is home to some of the oldest homes, very similar to those in the Bastakia Quarter. The narrow alleys will lead you to a vibrant café culture where you can sit and exchange stories with the locals. 
Al Noor Island – the Al Noor Island is right next to the Al Noor mosque. It is the perfect place to relax, watch butterflies fly around safely and be one with nature. 
Mleiha – Mleiha should be your next stop if you are an ardent history lover. The Mleiha Archaeological Center is the hub of anthropological and natural history that tells the story of the first inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula. Explore the ancient forts, dwellings and a short trek through the mountainous terrain that leads to an ancient burial site. 
Sharjah is home to bits and pieces of tradition and culture from all over the UAE and it deserves at least one whole day of tours. Make sure to try the traditional cuisine at one of the hundreds of restaurants, old and new, in Sharjah to complete the cultural tour of the city.