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Best Outdoor Activities during your stay in Dubai UAE
Best Outdoor Activities during your stay in Dubai UAE
Dubai is a city of art, architecture, culture, and development. It is where every aspect of tradition, heritage, and modernization lives in harmony with each other.
Dubai has become a centre of travel and tourism. People from all over the world come to marvel at the sky-kissing architectures of the Burj Khalifa, the futuristic vision at the Dubai Frame, best the dunes out in the deserts and enjoy the sun at the numerous picturesque beaches of Dubai. 
Potential travellers often ask us what the best time is to visit Dubai. While you will find hundreds of activities to fill your itinerary during any season, we believe that the best time for anyone to visit the city is winter, if you want to travel the city, go out for desert safaris, enjoy the best scenery from the top of the Burj Khalifa, capture the best pictures of Palm Jumeirah, sail through the Dubai Creek and, of course, experience skiing in the heart of the desert!
Here are 5 things you must try during your stay in Dubai
Climb to the top of the Burj Khalifa
Let's start with the most obvious – the Burj Khalifa stands over 2,722 feet tall. Your tour to Dubai is incomplete without a trip to the highest floor of the tallest structure of the world.
Book a tour of the entire city, visit the important cultural and historic spots of Dubai. Conclude your tour at the top of the Burj Khalifa with the entire skyline within your reach! 
Capture the bird's eye view of the powdery gold desert, the well-planned city and the Dubai Creek from the top of the world.
Book with LivingKool for the complete Dubai tour options, access to the top of the Burj Khalifa, helicopter rides, catamaran dinner cruises in the winter nights and so much more. LivingKool makes luxury living possible in Dubai for all tourists at affordable prices. 
Go for a Desert Safari
When we say “Desert safari” we don’t just refer to cruising the dunes in 4x4s. Desert safari in Dubai can take many meanings which elicits different levels of adrenaline rushes for the patrons. Take on the never-ending deserts at just AED 39 with LivingKool packages! 
You can opt for a simple VIP desert safari that offers pickup from home. Pack in all the luxuries that Dubai promises with your desert safari complete with a barbeque dinner. Or, rule the dunes in a Hummer, get camelback rides, experience sandboarding and enjoy traditional henna painting as a part of your desert safari package.
Desert safaris are the best choice for casual tourists as well as the adventure seekers. Dune bashing and sandboarding are thrilling activities for every adrenaline addict, but every casual tourist can enjoy the calmer serene façade of the desert by opting for the SUV and Hummer rides that pick you up from your doorstep and take you on a ride across the desert.
Go to Musandam on a Dhow cruise - Book Now
How can you taste the real flavours of Dubai unless you have had your regal dinner on a Dhow cruise? The Dhow cruise will take you across the Dubai Creek for shorter rides. For the shorter rides don't forget to opt for a full traditional meal and entertainment on the cruise.
Or, book a day tour to Musandam on a Dhow cruise. LivingKool takes care of all the relevant bookings and permits including snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of the gulf, handline fishing, a visit to the caves, buffet lunch and unlimited beverages. offers a taste of the Middle Eastern elegance possible for every traveller by offering accessible tour packages and affordable booking options beginning at AED 105 only. 
Spend a day in the Global Village
The Global Village of Dubai brings together cultures from 90 different countries of the world. Explore the 20 different pavilions to experience individual cultures, architectural styles and traditions of 20 different countries. 
You will find replicas of the Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, Taj Mahal and more at the Global Village of Dubai. It is replete with a wondrous collection of knickknacks and souvenirs from across the globe.
However, the Global Village is not just about shopping! Explore their dedicated leisure and entertainment section for a glimpse of the heritage, art and more of 20 distinct nations. 
The Global Village is the exclusive tourist attention for winters since it remains closed during the summer months for maintenance. If you are heading to Dubai between November and April, be sure to check out the Global Village on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road.
Visit the splendid beaches and try water sports - Book Now
In the winters, the already wonderful beaches of Dubai become even more inviting. When travelling during the winter months, you must not miss the Jumeirah beach, Marina Beach, and the Palm Jumeirah.
Jumeirah beach houses a number of water sports and activity centres that remain open and highly on-demand during the Dubai winters. Ranging from completely safe and pleasant, to adrenaline thumping, you will find all the water sporting activities you have ever seen in Hollywood movies. 
Try jet skiing, wakeboarding, flyboarding, stand up paddling, snorkelling, diving, parasailing and kayaking during your stay in Dubai. If you live close to some of the most popular beaches like Jumeirah or Palm Jumeirah, you will still find it difficult to try all the water activities and sports. 
Get the best of the winter water sports deals from Try the most-sought after water sporting activities and enjoy your stay with friends or family. Check out water sports deals that begin at AED 59 only!
Winter is one of the best times to visit the home of wonders like the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Mall and, of course, one of the most romantic deserts on the world!